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  • Basic Marker Mastery


    This 4-week program uses positive reinforcement techniques, encouraging markers, and clicker training to reinforce desired behaviors. We emphasize confidence-building exercises and teach fundamental commands such as sit, come, place, and heel. Notably, we do not use e-collars or prong collars, opting instead for a 15-foot leash, clicker, and slip lead, all provided as part of the program.

  • Basic Obedience


     4 Private Lessons
     “Come,” “Sit,” and “Extended Sit.”
     “Down” and “Extended Down.”
     Place and “Extended Place”
     Loose Leash Heel
     Off (Stop Doing What You’re Doing)
     Includes e-collar and 15-ft. leash

  • Basic and Advanced Obedience

    Basic & Advanced Obedience


     8 Private Lessons
     First 4 lessons include commands from Basic Obedience Training
     Final 4 lessons are Advanced Obedience Lessons
     Large Variety of Advanced Commands Learned
     Extended distance obedience, heel, “watch” command, “through” command, “front” command, “stand” command, and more!
     Includes e-collar and 15-ft. leash

  • 2 Week Board and Train – Community K9


    Our Community K9 Program is a program that meets the needs of the majority of people. In this program, your dog will be exposed to mid-level distractions that you would come upon in your daily lives. Your dog will be taken to numerous mid-level distraction areas throughout their 2-week stay (examples: focus on house manners, parks, baseball games, trails, various neighborhoods, big box stores, etc.).

  • 2 Week Board and Train – Urban K9


    Our Urban K9 Program is a program designed around people who live in or near busy metropolitan areas and require that their dogs are exposed to distractions at the highest level. In this program, your dog will be taken to numerous high-level distraction areas throughout their 2-week training (examples: busy events, highly populated metropolitans, airports, shopping centers, train stations, etc.).

  • 3 Week Board and Train


    3 Weeks of Immersive Training
    Dog will board with a Pro Trainer
    Guaranteed Off Leash Commands
    Sit and Extended Sit (Dog remains in position until released)
    Down and Extended Down
    Loose Leash and Off-Leash Walking
    Come on command (outside, off-leash, with distractions)
    Greeting Manners (not jumping)
    Training with distractions (dogs and people)
    Place and Extended Place (Jump up and sit on any object you point to on command and stay there until released)
    “Load Up” in vehicle on command
    Advanced Door Manners(Dog learns to never leave threshold of main doorways)
    Choose TWO advanced commands” from these options > “Through”, “Send Away To Place”, “Come To Heel”, “Down From A Distance”, “Front”, “Stand”, “Touch”.
    Out (Dog will drop anything in its mouth)
    Meal Manners ( Dog will sit and wait until released to eat their food)

  • Aggressive Dog Training


    8 Week Program

    This specially designed program is for dogs with aggression or reactivity issues around other dogs. This 8-lesson program includes our basic obedience package, as well as additional lessons working with you & your dog around other dogs in different scenarios. This will give you and your dog the skills, tools, and desensitization necessary to put you back in control.

  • Puppy Training Consultation


    This consultation will give your new pup a good foundation for basic obedience! We can teach you how to house train your dog so they quit having accidents in the house! Also, we will train your pup to let you know when it has to go outside. Finally, we will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding your new puppy or its’ training.