Meet The Off Leash K9 Team

Ciarra Elle - Owner

Ciarra has had a lifelong love of dogs and other animals growing up on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. Growing up she spent her weekends volunteering at animal shelters and rescues and in her time off she could be found watching her idol, Steve Irwin, the well known Australian zookeeper, conservationist and television personality. She grew up with not only dogs but with cats, chameleons, snakes, birds and everything in between. Animals are her life but dogs in particular became her true calling.

In 2012, Ciarra found Off Leash K9 Training in Virginia. She came for training to learn how to communicate in the best and most effective way possible to our canine companions and she ended up staying to work with the headquarters team under Nick White, the creator of Off Leash K9 Training. 3 years later she opened a successful location in Hawaii and is now excited to be bringing her experience and expertise to the emerald coast, where she now resides.

Training dogs is her passion. This is not a job for her, but it is a lifestyle. She gets to wake up everyday and find joy in being able to work with a wide range of amazing dogs and teach owners how to communicate and live a happier life with their dog right by their side. With over 10+ years of training experience, Ciarra has handled everything from young sweet puppies, to working dogs, to aggression cases and everything in between.

Allison - Trainer

Meet our trainer Allison! She is the owner of a 2 year old blue nose pit bull named Barbara Ann (Yes, just like The Beach Boys song ) and is mother to an amazing 8 year old human, Olivia.

Coming into the K9 training world she grew a passion for pit bulls and became a massive advocate for the breed.

Through devotion, dedication and hard work she was able to achieve owning her own location, in Montgomery Alabama after only 2 years of being in this lifestyle of a career.

Prior to becoming a trainer, she worked in the medical field for several years but quickly realized her heart was meant for the hounds!


Nathan - Trainer

Nathan Nate Silk has been a dog lover his whole life. Nate has owned several very special Labs and Goldens as they’re some of his favorite breeds. Since being a trainer, he has come to love working high drive working dogs such as Shepherds, Malinois and have since raised a Dutch shepherd named “Jack.”

Being a trainer with Off Leash is an amazing experience and he loves all the different breeds that we get to work with. Every dog that he gets to work has it’s own challenges and differences which makes the job extremely fun and always keeps him on his toes. 

MEGAN - Trainer

Megan has been with Off Leash K9 Training 30a location for over a year now!

Growing up, her family always joked about her being a dog whisperer and here she is now. She has always had a passion for animals and has experience working with many different types of animals from small birds to horses.

2 years ago she got her dream dog, an Australian Shepherd. She began training her at 8 weeks old and she knew then that she wanted to become a dog trainer. After a conversation with her sister, one thing lead to another, she quit her comfortable job of 4 years and has been loving it ever since!

Everyday she gets to help our clients have a better life with their dogs! I get opportunities to save dogs that may be on their way out the door or even worse.

There’s nothing cooler than training dogs to be completely Off Leash and loving the freedom they get after completing our Board and Train program. Eventually she would also like to get involved in Search and Rescue.

megan trainer

Monica - Trainer

Monica has been with Off Leash K9 Training for almost a year.

She has worked at many different odd jobs but never could find a passion or a purpose, until OLK9 30A found me.

Working with so many different breeds and personalities has truly changed her life and she wouldn’t haven’t any other way.

She has owned and worked with many different types of animals in her life. From birds, dogs, cats, and reptiles. Her very first job at the age of 14 was at Gulf World Marine Park and soon became a bird trainer.

She works with her “second family” and couldn’t ask for better team mates. As she progresses in her career, she hopes to own her own Off Leash K9 Training location one day.

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About Off Leash K9 Training
Dog Trainers Who Are Recognized Around The World!
Nick White, Founder Off Leash K9 Training
Photo: A&E

Nick White is the Owner and Founder of Off Leash K9 Training.  Nick is a former US Marine and former US Secret Service. He currently has over 130+ dog training locations throughout the United States. 

Nick is globally recognized as being one of the top dog trainers in the world.  He has 2 official world records in off leash obedience, named on Wikipedia as one of the top 20 dog trainers in the world, recently named top 10 trainer in the world by bestdogtrainers.org, has been featured in many magazines and shows, and he is regularly requested by the top celebrities and athletes! He has been called upon by people such as actor Ryan Reynolds, WWE’s John Cena, MLB All Star Max Scherzer, UFC World Champion Jon “Bones” Jones, and many more!

You can visit our YouTube Channel and watch over 1500+ before/after videos of Nick and his team’s work!  Off Leash K9 Training has more documented videos than any dog training business in the entire world!